Close Pak is getting an Upgrade

For many years now Close Pak has been the same with very little change. As you can see, we are currently in the process of giving the website a "face lift" beginning with this home page. Rest assured the functions of the programs our members use will not change during this time. To be sure of this, the process of updating each page will go very slow. You will see some pages the same as they have been while suddenly others will change. If you feel lost or confused at any time just look around the new page. If you still need help just email us for more information.

Thanks to all our loyal customers!

Welcome to Close Pak

These calculators have helped real estate agents close sales since 1990.
● Impress your clients
● Secure the sale
● Save time
● Make your job easier

The simplest input calculators producing unparalleled output custom designed for you and your location.

Designed exclusively for Real Estate professionals.

The fastest way to provide estimates to your buyers and sellers.

Makes it easy to fulfill most all state or association requirements for keeping records of such estimates.

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